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Quality New Driveways From FM Paving

Tarmac driveway in Sheffield

FM Paving have been supplying new tarmac driveways in Sheffield for 30 years. We provide high quality, long lasting materials and all our new tarmac driveways include heavy duty weed control membranes and type one hardcore. This gives you peace of mind knowing your driveway is safe from cracks and subsidence for many years. However, should something unforeseen happen, you’ve got the extra comfort of our 6yr guarantee looking after you.

As a customer of ours, your satisfaction is our primary goal. Your Sheffield home is important to you and we want to do everything we can to make you proud of the tarmac driveway that fronts your home. That’s why you’ll only ever see us using our own expert team, who are specialists in laying tarmac driveways all across Sheffield. As tarmac experts, we only use the highest quality stone mix, to give you a longer lasting result. Our hope is that you will love your new driveway so much, you just can’t wait to recommend us to your friends, family and neighbours in and around the Sheffield area.

All across Sheffield, we have laid drives, fencing, patios and walls for over 30 years. Our reputation is very important to us. For customers looking for tarmac driveways in Sheffield, we hope that reputation speaks for itself. Our testimonials from previous customers on our website and Facebook page go some way to showing you what people in Sheffield think of our work. That is why you can always expect a prompt reply when contacting us, great prices compared to our competitors and a quality of work that will leave you speechless.

Why have a tarmac driveway?

There are a few different options when considering replacement tarmac driveways or driveway repairs in Sheffield, most of which involve stone slabs or blocks. Now there is nothing wrong with these other options however in most cases they are usually more expensive and require greater labour and effort to install. With tarmac, you will find a speedier and cheaper installation generally.

Tarmac is a mixture of small stone hardcore and bitumen. The stones used are super tough for hardwearing use. The bitumen resin binds the stone whilst hot and once cooled, provides a strong solid surface, which is fully set in around 24hrs. Then it’s ready for your bike, car, lorry or yacht! Tarmac is also in abundance around Sheffield thanks to a number of great local manufacturers.

The greatest thing about tarmac driveways in our view, is that it is such a simple, aesthetically pleasing and low cost material to work with. When you see a new driveway that has just been laid with tarmac, it just seems really clean and smooth. The chances are, if you are looking at a lovely new driveway in Sheffield, there’s a high chance that it’s one of ours.

But, that’s not all. There are a whole host of other reasons to choose tarmac for your new drive. Firstly, it is one of the sturdiest materials to use. Why? Well, with traditional blocks and slabs, if even one of these starts to shift and move, it will cause others to also move. Before you know it, gaps can start to appear allowing for pollen and seed to penetrate the gaps. Soon you have weeds, moss and plants growing through. Because tarmac driveways are laid in one rolled and tamped motion, they are much less likely to move and shift.

Tarmac Driveways are also very resistant to scuffing and puddling meaning that your lovely carpets, lino or hard flooring won’t get scratched or marked as easily. Add to this it’s brilliant resistance to changes in temperature such as snow or hot sun and tarmac really begins to look like a winner.

From a cost and maintenance point of view, tarmac requires one of the lowest maintenance efforts of any driveway surfacing product. The way it is rolled out, means there are no gaps and no movement so there is little chance for anything to penetrate underneath.

Why Use FM Paving Ltd

There are a number of paving companies that supply tarmac driveways in Sheffield and local areas. We’re just one of a number, so what makes us special?

Well, firstly we offer a 6 year guarantee against any defects and problems with our tarmac driveways. The good news is that we’re still yet to see one of our Sheffield customers have cause to use it. That’s something we’re very proud of.

We’ve also been around for 30 years as a family owned and run business based in Sheffield. That’s decades of installing tarmac driveways in Sheffield, along with patios, pathways and walls. We pride ourselves on a high standard of quality workmanship and customer care. Unlike many of our competitors, you will always find us arriving early to work, putting in a full day’s labour and clearing up any mess before we finish.

If you’re looking for a new driveway in Sheffield or local towns, then we’d be happy to provide a free quotation, valid for 3 months and we promise to price match any comparable quote you receive.

As a customer though, we believe it’s other customers that provide the best insight to our service. On our website and Facebook page you will find many testimonials of jobs we’ve completed for customers in and around Sheffield. Hopefully these testimonials will help you see the quality of our work and what our customers think of us.

Want more proof that our tarmac driveways are the best? Just check us out on the Checkatrade website, where you will see more customer reviews.

We are the number one specialists for new tarmac driveways in Sheffield. Our team are all employed by, and trained by us. We do not sub-contract any of our work. This gives you the comfort of knowing we won’t jeopardise the quality of your drive, by outsourcing it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tarmac

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Tarmac Driveways Gallery

Black tarmac with edge stones Large area drive Framing the driveway Brand new driveway Fresh tarmac tarmac driveway in Rotherham Driveway and fencing Finishing off the drive A beautifully finished drive

We recognise that sometimes customers are not completely sure as to what they want their new driveway or pathway to look like. There are lots of different ways to make them look just that little bit unique and special.

We've put together a small selection of jobs we've completed for customers over the last few years in the Sheffield & Rotherham areas. Hopefully they will give you a small insight into what we do, but more importantly, they make spark ideas or thoughts as to what you want for your drive.

If you are still unsure after looking through our gallery, give us a call and we can talk through the various products, pros and cons for each.

Very professional job. Good clean workmen. Excellent service. All rubbish taken away on the day. Would highly recommend.
Janet Ireland, Owlthorpe, Sheffield
We would like to thank you for the excellent work that you did. Our driveway now looks really good, down to you and your workmen, who we couldn't fault. We have already recommended you to many others.
Mr & Mrs Stones, Harthill
I had my driveway done in September by the guys at FM Paving and they were brilliant and cleaned up after the job was done. First class!
Mrs Willies-Ratcliffe, Sheffield
Thanks to Frank, Alan and the team. Fabulous Patio!
Mrs Cresswell, Sheffield