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Imprinted & Patterned Concrete Driveways

imprinted concrete Sheffield

When you think about concrete, you probably picture a large, characterless slab. Often concrete is used in very industrial situations due to its tough, no-nonsense ability. Would you believe, it is becoming one of the faster growing materials for driveways?

Concrete nowadays has come on a long way. It's no longer just plain old grey concrete poured into a big slab. There is much more that can be done with it. Suppliers now include additives that transform a once dull grey into reds, greens, blacks and other colours.

Want that block paved, or cobbled effect, but want concrete? No problem! Concrete can now be imprinted with patterns of all kinds to reproduce the effect of paving slabs, block paving or indeed, cobblestones. The imprinting patterns are now that good that many people are fooled into thinking, it's the real thing.

Colours & Patterns

concrete patterns

Just like most other surfacing materials, concrete can be sourced in a variety of colours and patterns. The latest trend to hit concrete, is to "imprint" it with a pattern that replicates a traditional stone or slabbed look. This is carried out whilst the concrete is semi-wet and a template is pressed into it leaving an imprint. For the more creative, the concrete can even be drawn onto to create unique designs custom made for you.

Often, passers by are fooled by the imprinted pattern because it can look just like other traditional materials such as slabs or pavers. Additionally, suppliers now often us additives to create a whole range of colours to give it a different appearance. This gives you many more options in using a product that is still highly robust and sturdy.

So, with a variety of colours, patterns and choices for finish, the options become many. If you would like more advise on options, give us your view and we'll try to help you source the right product.

Concrete Products

Concrete driveways

Imprinted Concrete

Imprinted Concrete Sheffield

Different Finish Types

Concrete driveways Sheffield

Pattern Styles

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Imprinted Concrete Gallery

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Concrete doesn't need to be dull. With various colours, patterns and styles it can present some creative and interested designs. Most imprinted concrete is now to such a high standard that it fools many people into believing it is traditional slabs or paving.

We've put together a small selection of concrete drives we've completed for customers over the last few years. Hopefully they will give you a small insight into what we do, but more importantly, they make spark ideas or thoughts as to what you want for your drive.

As you will see in the images, there is a real variety of patterns, colours and types to create something unique to you. If you are still unsure after looking through our gallery, give us a call and we can talk through the various products, pros and cons for each.

Very professional job. Good clean workmen. Excellent service. All rubbish taken away on the day. Would highly recommend.
Janet Ireland, Owlthorpe, Sheffield
We would like to thank you for the excellent work that you did. Our driveway now looks really good, down to you and your workmen, who we couldn't fault. We have already recommended you to many others.
Mr & Mrs Stones, Harthill
I had my driveway done in September by the guys at FM Paving and they were brilliant and cleaned up after the job was done. First class!
Mrs Willies-Ratcliffe, Sheffield
Thanks to Frank, Alan and the team. Fabulous Patio!
Mrs Cresswell, Sheffield