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As part of our landscaping expertise, we supply and erect, all types of fencing, from typical 4ft and 6ft wooden panels, to ranch style and picket fences. We can get very good rates on fence panels, posts and either spikes or post mix as needed. The quality of simple fence panels can vary greatly so if you want a higher quality, more robust panel you simply pay for the quality you want.

Fencing though doesn't just need to be the traditional panel type. You can achieve some great, unique looks with different fence types. A ranch style fence is great for the front of a property, or where a panel might create too much shade. Picket fences are timeless classics or you could use natural looking wicker or willow fencing.

If you need a fence that fits in with existing fences or houses, we can support that very easily. If however, you want something a little more creative or unique then we can provide you with ideas and product examples that can help you find something perfect for you.

Colours, Styles and Wood

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When you landscape your garden with flowering colour schemes and outdoor furniture, fencing can often be overlooked. In fact, often times, people will plant things such as climbers to cover the fence. Why not decorate. There is a myriad of paint colours and wood stains to choose from and bring out your personality.

Along with this, there is also many different style of fence from ranch style to picket fencing and herringbone or lattice. So, don't be constrained by what currently exists, or the norm. Choose a style that is unusual and add a little colour to transform traditional fences.

We can supply and fit ready-made panels and posts, or we can create a more unique design and stain or paint your fence in the colour of your choice. If you'd like to explore the possibilities, just get in touch and we'll pop round to go through the options with you.

Fencing Styles and Types

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Fencing Gallery

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We've been installing fencing and fence panels for many years and we've worked on both traditional fences and bespoke applications. We can get involved at any stage from design, sourcing materials to full construction.

We've put together a small selection of images that show some of the work we've done for customers on fence installations. This is not exhaustive and if you're looking for something specific, just let us know. Hopefully the picture might spark ideas or thoughts as to what you want for your garden.

As you will see in the images, there is some variety of style to create something unique to you. If you are still unsure after looking through our gallery, give us a call and we can talk through the various products, pros and cons for each.