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Artificial Grass - never mow again!

Fake grass Sheffield

Do you long for grass that is maintenance free, green and luscious all year round. Well look no further. We've been supplying and installing artificial grass to customers now for some years and it's growing. Fake grass has come a long way since the original "greengrocer's" grass. Nowadays it looks very realistic indeed and it comes in many forms.

Artificial grass these days is that realistic, it is easy to fool your friends into thinking you've got the perfect grass care regime. Grasses come in different styles from hardy grass for the whole family, to ornamental grass more for looking at or walking barefoot. All fake grass (astro turf) has a backing layer used both as a cushion and also to tie the panels together.

As with all things, higher quality and realism costs and artificial turf is no different. However, we think the benefits gained outway the price; gorgeous looking grass all year; no mowing; more time to spend enjoying your garden. Fake grass doesn't need to look fake. You can choose from different shades of green and the style of grass blade that feels most realistic and right for your needs.

Shades & Style

Artificial grass Rotherham

Artificial Grass lovers are spoilt for choice these days as there are now more styles, textures and shades of green than ever before.

The shades of grass you can choose go from a British style darker green to a mediterranean green with a slightly brown hue to it. It really all depends on the look you are trying to create.

For styles, there are C-shape weaves, Reinforced weaves and Flexi-Weave to name but a few. Each provides some performance aspect to the overall grass appearance such as rigidty, sway motion, and appearance. Again, it's a case of choosing what best meets your needs i.e. play area for the kids, relaxation area, ornamental garden.

We can show you samples and provide you with advice to help you determine the most suitable choice of grass based on budget, main uses and preferred style and appearance.

Installing Articifical Grass

Artificial Grass Colours

Grass Colours & Shades

Fake Grass Sheffield

Various Backing

Edges and borders for artificial grass

Edgings & Borders

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Artificial Grass Gallery

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Astro Turf, Fake Grass or Artificial Grass is now more fashionable than ever for the garden. With people working longer hours, or wanting more time relaxing, synthetic grass is a great option. Very low maintenance and no need for mowing, watering or weeding. You can even choose to place it in specific areas of the garden and keep real grass for decorative purposes.

We've put together some examples of images that show some of the installations we've done for customers on artificial grass. This is not exhaustive and if you're looking for something specific, just let us know. Hopefully the picture might spark ideas or thoughts as to what you want for your garden.

As you will see in the images, there is some variety of style to create something unique to you. If you are still unsure after looking through our gallery, give us a call and we can talk through the various products, pros and cons for each.

Very professional job. Good clean workmen. Excellent service. All rubbish taken away on the day. Would highly recommend.
Janet Ireland, Owlthorpe, Sheffield
We would like to thank you for the excellent work that you did. Our driveway now looks really good, down to you and your workmen, who we couldn't fault. We have already recommended you to many others.
Mr & Mrs Stones, Harthill
I had my driveway done in September by the guys at FM Paving and they were brilliant and cleaned up after the job was done. First class!
Mrs Willies-Ratcliffe, Sheffield
Thanks to Frank, Alan and the team. Fabulous Patio!
Mrs Cresswell, Sheffield