Tarmac (Asphalt) Driveway Surfacing

New tarmac driveway

We have used tarmac on many drives and paths over the years and are very proud of our work. Take a look at some images of our tarmacing. Tarmac drives can be a good alternative to block paving and can look fantastic with a little imagination.

F & M Paving Ltd., can design and lay your tarmac drive in traditional black or red tarmac. With our free design service and strategically placed borders and design features your tarmac drive can stand out from the crowd.

From excavation to installation and smooth roll finish our project manager will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. Tarmac is usually seen as a cheap alternative for a new drive however this is not always the case as larger driveways it is cheaper yet with smaller driveways it can be cheaper to buy block paving our a different material.

Tarmac Edging

Tarmac (asphalt) drive

Edging stones are used to create a frame or border around your driveway. They can also provide additional support and protection from any movement at the edges of the tarmac.

There are two, more common ways to edge a tarmac drive, edging blocks,raised and level kerb stones. Edging blocks can be block pavers or cobbletsones to create a distinctive design. Kerb stones can be used to either mark the edge of the drive or create a raised lip or edge framing the driveway nicely.

As with other products, edging blocks come in all different sizes and colours, helping create something unique to you.

For more information on edging products, give us a call and we can advise you off the various options and choices available to you.

Much of our work is in South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire.

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Tarmac Edging

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Tarmac (Asphalt) Driveways Gallery

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We recognise that sometimes customers are not completely sure as to what they want their new driveway or pathway to look like. There are lots of different ways you can make your drive or path look just that little bit unique and special.

We've put together a small selection of jobs we've completed for customers over the last few years. Hopefully they will give you a small insight into what we do, but more importantly, they make spark ideas or thoughts as to what you want for your drive.

If you are still unsure after looking through our gallery, give us a call and we can talk through the various products, pros and cons for each.

Thank you for the great job on our driveway.
Mr Benn, Sheffield
Brilliant work on our garden wall.
Mr Smith, Leeds
Our new driveway looks superb. Thanks a million
Mr Jones, Mansfield